Wild Card Wednesday – The Earth Mother

Since I had the Green Witch Tarot handy beside me I pulled todays wild card from it. I pulled The Earth Mother.


She is gorgeous, full of life, blossoming in her pregnancy, walking barefoot through wheat fields. The wheat fields are abundant. The cornucopia in her arm is full of fruit brimming over. The geese at her feet love her. She is literally radiating happiness.

For me when I pull this card in a general way she represents health and abundance. Just looking at her you can see that she is happy and healthy. Everything around her is abundant.  If this card is pulled maybe look around yourself and see exactly what you have, you are probably unaware of the abundance already in your life. If you are aware feel grateful for it, smile enjoy what you have.

Depending on the question this could mean pregnancy. Healthy and fertile. It could mean personal growth. It could also mean you are one with the abundance of nature that surrounds you.

Any way you look at this card it feels happy. Tell me how you feel when you look at it.


Queen of Swords

Wild Card Wednesday – Spiritual Growth

Today’s wild card is from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I pulled Spiritual Growth.

This card is fitting in the energy surrounding the super blue blood moon. In the picture on the card, the angel has elevated and is shedding some of her feathers. This to me means that she is rising above situations or relationships that had her grounded. She has let them go, releasing the energies that came with it.

She surrendered her fear of what will happen when you release something or someone and she opened up to the possibilities that will now come her way. What a great thing to experience. Perhaps today say these words, “I release my fears and open myself to new opprtuinities.” Let’s see what the universe has in store for us. 🙂


Queen of Swords

Wild Card Wednesday – 6 of Athames

Today I pulled a card from the nearest deck to me which is the Green Witch Tarot deck. I pulled the 6 of Athames.

Athames represent air and the mind, the power, strength and intellect we pull from our mind.

In this card it shows a man journeying across water with his horse. He is almost at his destination. Behind him looks barren and dead, and before him looks bright and abundant.

For me this says he is leaving something behind him and progressing toward better things. A new opportunity awaits him, bringing forth a sense of renewal. This could be in a form of travel over water or perhaps its just overcoming troubles and moving on. Either way he is headed for better times.

What are your takes on this card, I welcome everbodys own interpretation.


Queen of Swords

Wild Card Wednesday!

Today’s card was chosen from Doreen Virtue’s deck Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes.

I chose the New Career card. So what are we looking at?

A whole new change in jobs or perhaps just a change in your current job.

The objective is to be happy in your chosen profession and if you aren’t happy, well, perhaps it is time to look into doing something else. You could see a career coach for this, or just some good old soul searching.

If you are happy in your current job then stay focused and keep your goals clear on your mind so that you are working toward attaining your highest career-self.

Keep your eyes open – keep your fear at bay, be ready for any changes that come your way. Good changes – opportunities for you to excel and grow.

Expand your knowledge by taking classes in things that excite you, things that will take you along further in your life’s journey. Whatever you feel drawn to do is the path you are being guided down.

What are your insights on this card?


Queen of Swords