February’s Sale at Queen of Swords Tarot

February is the month of love and I would like to offer you 10% off any of the following Love/Relationship Readings below, valid until February 28th, 2018.

True Love Reading

$35.00 – 10% off = $31.50

Do you feel like your partner is your true love? Do you question yourself, wondering are they the one you should spend your life with? If so, this reading can help determine if the person you are currently with is the one for you.

Twin Flame Reading

$45.00 – 10% off = $41.50

What is a twin flame? Your twin flame is literally your twin personality, a mirror of who you are. Are you ready to find your twin flame or have you already met them? Find out in this reading as it provides you with insight as to where you both are at.

Soulmate Reading

$35.00 – 10% off = $31.50

A soulmate is quite different than a twin flame. A soul mate can be anyone in your life, a daughter, a partner, a friend etc. Soul mates help each other evolve in life, helping each other overcome problems and help to keep each other on the correct path in life. Have you met your soul mate yet? This reading helps to determine if you have and if you haven’t then where can you find them.

Relationship Reading

$70.00 – 10% off = $63.00

Relationships can be hard. When feelings get in the way we tend to get confused as to what we should do. We can’t quite decide if it is a good fit for us or not? If you are unsure of where your relationship is heading then this reading can help uncover both sides of the relationships stances, hopes and fears and the eventual outcome.

Simple Relationship Spread

$30.00 – 10% off = $27.00

Are you looking for some quick information on the state of your relationship? If so, this is the reading to get. It will adress your concern, figure out the needs on both parts and help figure out what to do to make it better or to walk away.

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