February’s Sale at Queen of Swords Tarot

February is the month of love and I would like to offer you 10% off any of the following Love/Relationship Readings below, valid until February 28th, 2018.

True Love Reading

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Do you feel like your partner is your true love? Do you question yourself, wondering are they the one you should spend your life with? If so, this reading can help determine if the person you are currently with is the one for you.

Twin Flame Reading

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What is a twin flame? Your twin flame is literally your twin personality, a mirror of who you are. Are you ready to find your twin flame or have you already met them? Find out in this reading as it provides you with insight as to where you both are at.

Soulmate Reading

$35.00 – 10% off = $31.50

A soulmate is quite different than a twin flame. A soul mate can be anyone in your life, a daughter, a partner, a friend etc. Soul mates help each other evolve in life, helping each other overcome problems and help to keep each other on the correct path in life. Have you met your soul mate yet? This reading helps to determine if you have and if you haven’t then where can you find them.

Relationship Reading

$70.00 – 10% off = $63.00

Relationships can be hard. When feelings get in the way we tend to get confused as to what we should do. We can’t quite decide if it is a good fit for us or not? If you are unsure of where your relationship is heading then this reading can help uncover both sides of the relationships stances, hopes and fears and the eventual outcome.

Simple Relationship Spread

$30.00 – 10% off = $27.00

Are you looking for some quick information on the state of your relationship? If so, this is the reading to get. It will adress your concern, figure out the needs on both parts and help figure out what to do to make it better or to walk away.

Email me now at angie@queenofswordstarot.ca to set up your reading today. ❤


Queen of Swords 

Thursday’s Kitchen – Speghetti


At my house for the last 23 years or so, I believe our go to comfort meal has been spaghetti. Recently, with my soul journey, magical practice I have started incorporated special thoughts or wishes to the ingredients that I am cooking with. I have provided a breakdown of ingredients and their magical properties.

Ingredients Magical Properties
Whole wheat spaghetti noodles Whole wheat is better for you than regular pasta
Salt Protection
Sauce Ingredients
Lean Ground Beef Iron, Protein
1 Onion diced Prosperity, removes illness
4 Cloves of Garlic diced Antibiotic. Tip: after chopping let sit for 20 min to activate the antibodies
1 cup of sliced Mushrooms Loads of minerals, heart healthy potassium
2 stalks of Celery diced Fibre rich. Great for aiding in weight loss. Vitamins V, C, K, B, & A.
½ Green Pepper diced Growth and Prosperity
½ Red Bell Pepper diced Aids in Iron absorption. Staves off viruses. Vitamins A & C.
1 Tbsp of dried Basil Love, money, strengthens the mind.
1 Tbsp of dried Thyme Increases strength, digestive aid, anti-histamine.
1 Tbsp of Oregeno Tip: Don’t add this until the end of cooking as it can become bitter.  Digestive aid and anti-biotic properties.
1 Can diced Tomatoes Inspire creativity. High in Vitamin C.
1 jar of Pasta Sauce (no sugar added or as little as possible) It depends on the sauce.

A quick example as to how I would cook this, would go something like this.

Boil the pasta with some salt. As you add the salt think of it as protecting your body from negativity.

The sauce starts with cooking the ground beef knowing that the iron and protein will make you feel strong. Add the onions for prosperity and the garlic knowing that these two ingredients can help with any illness that may be residing in your body. Add the celery, thankful of all the vitamins that it will be adding to the meal. Add the mushrooms and feel pleasure knowing that they will help your heart stay healthy. The peppers are thrown in for growth, and prosperity, and aiding in absorption of the vitamins that have already been added. I cook these until the beef is thoroughly browned and the vegetables are not crunchy. Then I add in the diced tomatoes to inspire creativity and the pasta sauce for some zesty taste. The spices come last, at this point I add them singly stirring them in as I envision the properties that they possess.   Let it all simmer and come together for 10-15 minutes and there you have it, an incredible magical comfort food that everyone will love.

This really does taste different doing it this way. I have tested it, just throwing it all together without any thought or regard for what it has, then doing it addressing each ingredient. Somehow it just tastes better.  Enjoy. 🙂


Queen of Swords


Wild Card Wednesday – 6 of Athames

Today I pulled a card from the nearest deck to me which is the Green Witch Tarot deck. I pulled the 6 of Athames.

Athames represent air and the mind, the power, strength and intellect we pull from our mind.

In this card it shows a man journeying across water with his horse. He is almost at his destination. Behind him looks barren and dead, and before him looks bright and abundant.

For me this says he is leaving something behind him and progressing toward better things. A new opportunity awaits him, bringing forth a sense of renewal. This could be in a form of travel over water or perhaps its just overcoming troubles and moving on. Either way he is headed for better times.

What are your takes on this card, I welcome everbodys own interpretation.


Queen of Swords