Wild Card Wednesday – The Earth Mother

Since I had the Green Witch Tarot handy beside me I pulled todays wild card from it. I pulled The Earth Mother.


She is gorgeous, full of life, blossoming in her pregnancy, walking barefoot through wheat fields. The wheat fields are abundant. The cornucopia in her arm is full of fruit brimming over. The geese at her feet love her. She is literally radiating happiness.

For me when I pull this card in a general way she represents health and abundance. Just looking at her you can see that she is happy and healthy. Everything around her is abundant.  If this card is pulled maybe look around yourself and see exactly what you have, you are probably unaware of the abundance already in your life. If you are aware feel grateful for it, smile enjoy what you have.

Depending on the question this could mean pregnancy. Healthy and fertile. It could mean personal growth. It could also mean you are one with the abundance of nature that surrounds you.

Any way you look at this card it feels happy. Tell me how you feel when you look at it.


Queen of Swords