Fun Fact Friday – Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana are made up of four suits, like playing cards. The names of the suits vary with decks but the most common are Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles.

There are 56 individual Minor Arcana cards. Each suit having Ace – King, each card having its own meaning and message to different areas of your life. In playing cards it is Jack, Queen, King, Ace, in the tarot it is Page, Knight, Queen, King.

The suits all represent an aspect of your life as well as an element. Wands tend to revolve around motivational factors and projects and its element is Fire. Swords tend to revolve around comflicts with others or within yourself and its element is Air. Cups tend to revolve around emotions and relationships and its element is water. Pentacles tend to revolve around money and home with the element of earth.

With all that being said, every deck is different so you need to read through the booklet that comes with the deck to determine exactly what the suits signify. I believe that every person has his or her own card in the deck. Mine is and always has been the Queen of Swords. Do you know yours?


Queen of Swords

Thursday’s Kitchen – Comfort Dish

Who doesn’t love a good comfort food? My daughter and myself love to get comfy with some Shepard’s pie. But little did we know that eating this comforting dish was actually grounding our energy, which is why we felt such comfort from eating it. We are eating grounding “conduits” from the earth.






Magical Properties


10 peeled Yukon gold potatoes

It is said that potatoes are added to a meal for a grounding affect they get from the minerals in the earth.

1 ½ lbs of lean ground beef

Ground beef is also grounding with its protein and strength it gives to you.
1 diced onion Onions give you healing and protection.

4 cloves of garlic diced

Garlic is full of antibodies and they help your body heal.

2 celery stalks diced

As another vegetable that comes from the earth, its minerals and vitamins give you a grounding affect
1 cup of sliced button mushrooms Mushrooms minerals offer grounding effects from the earth.
Milk Milk nurtures your body and offers it love.


Butter is the churned cream from milk, it is nurtured and nurtures you.
Salt & Pepper Both of these offer cleansing and protection.
1 cup of corn, frozen or can Abundance and prosperity.
1 cup of peas, frozen or can Love
1 package of onion soup mix  
1 can of mushroom soup  

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

While I am cooking my potatoes I fry up the ground beef adding salt and pepper to it. When it is browned I add the onions, garlic, celery and mushrooms and cook for about 5 minutes. Next I add the corn and peas and cook for 3 minutes. I then add the onion soup mix and mushroom soup and let that simmer for 5 minutes.

When the potatoes are done I mash them and add milk and butter as I see fit. Dump the ground beef mixture into a 9X13 dish and spread the potatoes over top. I add a layer of butter on top of the potatoes and cover it in tin foil and pop it in the oven for 20 minutes. I then take the tin foil off and pop it in the oven until it is browned on top. After taking it out of the oven I let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes and then serve.

This is so yummy and will leave you feeling full and content and grounded.

What is your favourite comfort food?


Queen of Swords

Wild Card Wednesday – 10 of Chalices

I am late on Wednesday’s post but here it is. I used the Green Witch Tarot deck by Ann Moura for my card pull and pulled the 10 of Chalices.

IMG_20180115_104757 IMG_20180215_093417

In this card is a happy couple watching their child pick purple flowers by a stream. All of their cups on the table beside them are upright. The picture projects happiness.

I see family happiness – love – contentment. You can tell that the wife feels happy, safe and secure in her husbands arms.

To me, pulling this card makes me feel at ease. I know everything is good at the moment. I can take a breath and relax because my family is happy and well.

What does this card mean to you, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Queen of Swords

Monday’s Messages – February 12th – February 18th, 2018

I used the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue for this weeks messages.


Monday February 12, 2018 – Friendship As we grow, we evolve and so does our friendships. Be honest with your friends about the changes within you because these changes may affect your friendship. By sharing the changes it gives you and your friend a chance to adapt to the new you.

Tuesday Febrauary 13, 2018 – Study You are being urged to take time and enhance your mind. Read something new. Maybe learn a new skill by taking a class or an online course. Enjoy learning and discovering something outside of your norm.

Wednesday February 14, 2018 – Forgiveness Today is a day of love. There isn’t a better day to forgive someone that you love and care about. Let go of the anger, release the resentment and let love into your heart instead.

Thursday February 15, 2018 – Divine Timing Look for the opportunities that are opening to you. Don’t fear the change, accept the open door and walk on through. If you need some help ask your angels for guidance and they will help you through it.

Friday February 16, 2018 – Healing Visualize a situation that you are having trouble with and hold thoughts of love around it. We can heal our troubles with positive affirmations and loving thoughts. Realse the negative surrounding it and embrace the good.

Saturday Febraury 17, 2018 – Children Take some time to honor your inner child today. Take your kid, or grandkids to the park and actually play with them. Don’t sit and watch them, join them in play. If you don’t have any kids, that’s ok, do something fun. Play a game, dance freely and laugh with freedom.

Sunday February 18, 2018 – Playfulness Yesterdays message is following over to today as well. Be free spirited and fun. Only do things today that bring you joy.


Queen of Swords



Valentine Week Special

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Simple Relationship Spread

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Queen of Swords